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Online Best Price Guarantee

What is the Online Best Price Guarantee from ParkRoyal.mx?

The Park Royal guarantees that you’ll receive the best online price available at the time you book. If you find a lower price for on any other website, we’ll match it - and we’ll offer an additional discount of 10% off the total price of the reservation. No one offers lower prices!

What happens if I find a lower fare on another website?

If you’re ready to book and you’re comparing prices on ParkRoyal.mx or through our phone line at 01 800 012 5412 and you find a better price on any other website, just contact us at callcenter@park-royalhotels.com and let us know that you found a cheaper rate on another site. You’ll need to include the following: the hotel name, the check-in date, and personal details like your name, country, contact number and email. You should also include the price you found and a link to the site where you found it and details like any special offers, currency, total price of the room, and screen-caps of both the other site and the price you’re seeing on ParkRoyal.mx. Both of these need to reflect the date of the search. All of the conditions need to be identical for the guarantee to be considered valid. Once you send it, we’ll confirm receipt of your claim automatically, but then it can take our booking team up to three working days to review your claim and notify you of the results.

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What else should I know?

Park Royal Hotels & Resorts will match the price so long as the reservation meets the same conditions as your original reservation, i.e.; for the same hotel, on the same dates, for the same room type and plan, same number of guests, same number of adults and children (same ages), same currency, and with equal payment terms and cancellation policies.

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Terms and Conditions

The Online Best Price Guarantee applies if the following conditions are met:

The reservation search must be made through parkroyal.mx and accompanied by a screen cap. The email must be sent during the reservation search and with regard to rates for the present day.

Competing lower prices must be under identical conditions to those reported on parkroyal.mx : at the same hotel, same dates, same room type, same plan, same number of guests, same number of adults and children (same ages), same currency, under the same conditions, with equal payment methods and cancellation policies.

The price on the other website must reflect the final total, that is, including any and all fees, taxes, service charges, extra fees or other charges.

The total difference found on another page must be more than a difference of US$5.00 or the equivalent in your local currency.

The hotel check-in date must be at least three days after the request is made.

The guarantee applies only to the total price of the room and not to any partial price or period of the reservation.

The guarantee claim must be made prior to completion of the reservation. No discounts will be made after any reservation is completed.

The Online Best Price Guarantee will also NOT apply in the following cases:

  • When rates are obtained from stationary (static) mobile versions of websites for cellphones or tablets.
  • When rates are derived from promotional packages or activated from promotional or similar codes.
  • When prices are made known or activated by any private username and password.
  • When prices are obtained from a travel agent.
  • When prices are obtained through any business specific service or package.
  • When reservations are made through any financed payment or when the rate difference is the result of a “no-interest” offer.
  • When price changes are made due to fluctuations in any exchange rate.
  • When rates are derived from package rates that may include flights plus hotel, or any other combination.
  • Rates derived from group reservations.

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